Photography Competition


Terms and conditions of participation in the most beautiful picture competition – King Abdulaziz Falconry Festival.

* The participant’s picture should be from the applicant’s own photography, using a professional or semi-professional camera.

* Color correction on the image is not acceptable, only the true colors of the picture are allowed.

* The photograph has to be taken inside the venue during the period of the festival.

* The pictures have to be shared in the form of digital files as (jpg) format, and with a resolution greater than (3000) pixels.

* It is allowed to adjust lighting, color and sharpness of the image in a limited manner that does not affect the original image.

* External plug-ins or / or removal of items from the image are not allowed, nor are they reproduced, and the images added to any item, frame, signature, date or name of the photographer are not accepted.

* The participant is not entitled in any way to withdraw the picture from the competition after he has submitted it in the competition.

* Photographs are submitted via the e-mail address approved by the jury.

* The original file of the image is the title document and the participant will be asked to submit it to the Competition Administration. The original file of the image must be kept as it was taken out of the camera without any modification. The participant is obliged to send the original file of the participating photo within 24 hours upon request and not to submit it in time.

* The deadline for receipt of entries in the competition is 5 Jumada Al-Thani 1440H, corresponding to February 10, 2019 at 11:59 pm, and any participation after the end of the “Competition Period” is canceled, the timing of Saudi Arabia (GMT +3) is the timing approved for all times and dates of the competition.

* The terms of participation in the competition are categorical, and only participation therein is a prior and comprehensive approval of all of the above conditions, and the entries that do not comply with the criteria and conditions will be discarded.

* The arbitral tribunal and the organizing committee shall be entitled to exclude any picture without giving any reasons. They are also entitled to withhold the prize of one of the centers or winners if the submitted works do not meet the required specifications or the violation of the winner of the competition conditions whether it was proved before the nomination process or during arbitration or even after the announcement of the winners. The participant must return the money in cash to the organizing committee.

* Send photos to the competition email:


Property Rights

The photographer retains the ownership rights of the image that he has submitted and remains the owner thereof, taking into account the following:

First: Participating Photo: The management of the Saudi Falcon Club is entitled to use it (whether he won or not in the competition) in the current exhibition, and any other means or materials specific to the club and the competition.

Second: The Saudi Falcon Club is entitled to use the winning photos in various media, including exhibitions, advertisements, brochures, publications and other electronic means, or to authorize its partners or others to reproduce and publish the image in any of the local commercial and non-commercial media or international marketing for the club.

Participants’ Pledge

Once the participant has entered the competition, he commits that:

* He is the sole legal owner of all image rights, and assumes that no action has been taken in any copyright related to the image – in any way – such that all of its rights have been sold or transferred to any persons or entities that render the image contrary to the terms of the Competition, or could inflict any material, moral or legal responsibility for the management of the competition or the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage, or that would prevent the free handling of the image and its related rights.

* He has obtained all approvals related to the characters shown in the pictures submitted to the competition or sites and places photographed (including all elements in the image and creative ideas related to it), and allows publishing in publications, exhibitions or advertisements under the above conditions.

* He will abide by the religious, ethical, legal and customs rules in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

* He undertakes to be aware of all information, terms and conditions for submission to the competition, his full and comprehensive approval, and the decisions of the Organizing Committee and the Arbitration Committee, including and in no way objecting to what has been mentioned previously, either during the competition period or after the announcement of the results of the winners.